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The Truth about Kibble and Dried Dog Food

The Truth about Kibble

Watch this video below and see the truth about kibble and dried dog food and exactly why you should NOT feed your lovely pets this rubbish! If you ever wondered what they did to make it ‘appetising’ then take a good look.


All the moisture that is taken out of the dried food will be extracted from your dogs stomach when eaten making it swell again, they will drink huge amounts more because of this and excrete the majority of it out as it contains little to no goodness…and you pay good money for this?

Dried Dog Food

The machinery in this factory is obviously not cleaned properly, we would not accept this for ourselves so why accept it for our pets? Time to stop supporting this rip off and feed our dogs properly.

I am passionate about this because it’s so wrong, I would not feed this to my dog for any reason

If you have thought of feeding dried dog food to your pets or feed kibble because you thought it was the best thing, or even if you think it may be the best value, we would urge you to think again.

A raw food diet is more natural for your dog or cat and gives them enormous health benefits. Also, you will find that it can be much cheaper to feed raw than you think. A small to medium sized dog can be fed from as little as 40p per day – check out our raw dog food shop for a complete range of products and prices, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

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