Adult Dog Feeding Guide

Adult Dog Feeding Guide

This is the adult dog feeding guide, for puppies please visit our Puppy Feeding Guide page

Weight of Dog in Kilograms 2% of Adult weight in grams 2.5% of Adult weight in grams 3% of Adult weight in grams
10kg 200g 250g 300g
20kg 400g 500g 600g
30kg 600g 750g 900g
40kg 800g 1000g 1200g
50kg 1000g 1250g 1500g
60kg 1200g 1400g 1800g
70kg 1400g 1750g 2100g

Balance the diet with a good variety of meats, meaty bones, offal, organ meat and veg/fruit. If you don’t want to add your own fruit & veg, you can just choose from our Complete Dog Food range, which has the right balance included.

If you wish to work out a weight not shown on the chart above:-

weight in grams (1kg = 1000g)  x 0.02 or x 0.025 or x 0.03

Dog Feeding Guide

It is important not to over feed your dog and if you follow the adult dog feeding guide above, you should find that your dogs weight stays fairly constant.

An overweight dog is more likely to suffer from Diabetes, Arthritis and Heart disease, however dogs maintaining ideal body weight live almost two years longer

General guideline they should receive

70% Muscle meat and bone

30% offal, organ meat and veg/fruit

Eggs (whole and shell) as well as natural yoghurt are a great added supplement to their diet.

Introducing Raw Food to Your Dog

If you are changing from a dried food diet to raw dog food, I suggest start gently by choosing 1 protein – either tripe or chicken mince is a good starter – check their stools and if they look fine, introduce another protein – repeat this process every 1 or 2 weeks or so still checking stools, until he/she is receiving a balanced variety.
It is quite common for a dog to have loose stools on the changeover, this usually only lasts a short while and things begin to firm up in no time. You will notice that on raw, your dog does not defecate as much as they did on dried or wet food, this is because most of the food is utilised and the waste product is less. Every bit of goodness is being processed and used by your dog – fantastic!