Pro Dog

Our Mission
“To help dogs thrive through quality natural nutrition”
Most dog owners’ number one goal is to know their canine companions are living their best life. Yet too many dogs are being sold short when it comes to one of the critical foundations for achieving a long, healthy and happy life — NUTRITION.

The influential marketing myths created by giant pet food corporations have misled consumers for decades about what constitutes healthy dog food, so much so that the accepted norm for dog food is about as far from natural feeding as it’s possible to get.

Sadly, intensively processed, additive filled food with little nutritional value has become the main staple of many dogs’ diets. We aim to redress the narrative about what healthy dog food actually is and help more dogs experience the effects of a fresh, natural diet by:

1. Creating raw dog food meals, premium support supplements and natural treats that are convenient, clean and as close to nature as a dog’s diet can get

2. Raising awareness and providing education on the nutritional science-backed truth about dog food.


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