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Covid19 update

To our wonderful customers old & new.

We are not NHS or Supermarket  workers; but during this coronavirus outbreak, we are considered an essential business and we are staying open to keep our gorgeous dogs fed, during this Covid19 crisis.
1. Please help us by spraying the OUTSIDE of the boxes with a DILUTED disinfectant where possible (we also do this to minimize the effect of the Covid19 virus)
2. Please pay Credit/Debit card or Bank Transfer if possible, to minimize handling cash.
3. Have patience,  we will complete your orders in the shortest possible time.

If it is online it will be in stock (may have occasional computer glitch) we are re-stocking as quickly as possible.

A massive thank you to Emma & Pete who are working tirelessly to keep things ticking over during these unusual times.

We really appreciate your support through this difficult situation.
Stay safe everyone
Love & thanks

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