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Thank you from Battersea!

To all of the dogs choice customers, a huge thank youEvery month, The dogs Choice donates £20 to Battersea, and it’s all thanks to you! When The Dogs Choice customers give us extra change, we put it towards the Battersea charity. The rest of the money is made up by us at The Dogs Choice. This raises enough money for them to sponsor a kennel for animals in need.

By helping us, you’ve helped this charity! We really appreciate your generous offers and contributions. 

Above all, you’ve helped to save 10 dogs and cats a year! Thank you and Merry Christmas! 

To visit their website, Click Here:

The Dogs choice also donates £10 a month to a fresh water charity, in order to help over 5,000 families all across the world without clean water. So far, this charity has helped 2,198 families across the world, and will continue to work until they have reached their goal of 5,000 families. 

Want to help? Visit Charity:Water and donate to help them reach their goal, and help another family. You can find them at

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