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Muddy Walk at Browndown, Gosport

Gosport, Browndown Flooded Again

Ernie out for a walk today in Gsoport at Browndown with his two friends Brac & Bailey. It’s a lovely day out there but a bit muddy!

Ernie & Gosport Friends
Ernie & his Gosport Friends

Apple Dumpling Bridge is flooded again – what a shock! Dogs loving it but you will need your wellies if you want to get through. The good thing with this is that after the muddy walk, they can get cleaned up a bit, just wading through the water – although Bailey tried to go round the sides! lol

Flooding at Browndown
Flooding at Browndown

Good job we keep these ‘Doggy Bag’s’ in the car, so by the time we get home, they are dry and mud free. They are quite expensive but worth it on days like this.

Warm after muddy Gosport walk
Warm after muddy Gosport walk
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