The WOW Story
Not only dogs say WOW
Highest quality. Sustainable production. Regional raw materials. And all that at a fair price? Passionate dog mama Katharina Miklauz and her team have been proving that all these benefits fit into one can since 2018, when they launched WOW. Food that makes dogs happy, energetic and full – and makes owners very happy.

The WOW effect.
We make no secret of how we produce dog food with a WOW effect. On the contrary: we are happy to tell you what we pay attention to, how we work and what we do to ensure that not only the dogs, but also the environment are well off.

Natural, compatible ingredients
Artificial additives, added sugar or flavour enhancers have no place in WOW dog food. We limit ourselves to all the good things that Mother Earth naturally offers us. Fresh meat, high-quality offal, healthy oils, delicious vegetables and no grains ensure that the food tastes great, meets your pets’ nutritional needs and is good for their tummies.

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