Bulmer’s have been trading for 20 years since 1996, meeting the exacting DEFRA standards.
All of their meat products are sourced directly from British approved abattoirs & cutting plants, from receipt the products are processed & packed on site, before being blast frozen for quality, security & maximum freshness. The products are then delivered in refrigerated vehicles straight to The Dogs Choice.

Bulmer’s are of course DEFRA approved. 22/321/8001/ABP/PTF
They do not use fancy packaging or tubs whilst keeping the standard of the product high, preferring to keep cost to you the customer, as reasonable as possible.
All products are pure meat (lamb or beef with heart), minced carcass and tripe or a tripe/mince/offal mix enabling our customers to add their own vegetables and supplements or not as you choose giving you total control over your dogs diet.

Sometimes they may be out of stock of some items as none of their products are imported. If you want to by British, buy Bulmers.


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