Walter Smith

About Yorkshires Finest Pet Food

Our family has been involved in Showing and breeding dogs since 1989, we own Coated and non coated breeds, from a Large powerful breed through to the smallest breed in the world, so we appreciate and understand what is needed in various breeds and stages in life.

We started our company ‘Yorkshires Finest pet food’ in 2012, Our Goal was and still is to provide Quality British Made Dog Food at very competitive prices. we aim to deliver the best possible dog food to suit everyone’s pocket.

We started making our own food in 2011, to feed our own dogs due to the spiraling prices of most other Premium Brands, we also wanted a higher meat content with less cheap fillers.
Due to the success of our Show dogs during 2011, in particular our Male Shar Pei, which are not always the easiest breed to feed, everyone kept asking us what Brand of food we fed, due to his excellent Body Tone and Skin/Coat condition.
We decided to make Yorkshire’s Finest available for purchase, to select people and word some spread……….the rest is history.

This range is everything we wanted from a premium pet food – Quality – Easy to order – Kind on your pocket – Made in the UK – and our dogs will love it!

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