My Dog Keeps Vomiting After Eating

What you should look for if your dog keeps vomiting after eating?

If your dog keeps vomiting after eating and there is no underlying medical condition, vomiting indicates that the stomach is rejecting the food because it can’t handle it. Usually, this is when there are any of the factors below:

  • Too much food – feed smaller amounts over more meals
  • Too much fat – reduce fat and skin content
  • Too much bone – reduce bone content

Pieces swallowed are too large – this is the most common cause because the dog gets over-excited at his new food. As above, hand feed large pieces instead so that they gnaw on it whilst you hold the other end until they relax that this is their new food now.

Also, with dogs that have been fed dried food for many years, the stomach acid is often a little bit weaker, thought to be because carbohydrates don’t need as much acidity to be digested. Try feeding smaller amounts, more often, while they adjust.